How to Change Colors in Crochet

Changing Colors In a Chain
Suppose you want to change the color in the middle of a chain. Just let go of the color your are using and pick up the new yarn and hold it against your work and start chaining with it.

Changing Colors in Crochet Stitches
Sometimes you may want to change colors after a certain crochet stitch. You change colors the same way, but you do it during the last step of a stitch. Here is an example using single crochet.

Insert your hook into the next stitch (as you normally would)

Yarn over (as you normally would)

Pull the yarn through one loop on your hook (as you normally would)

Now let go of the yarn and hold the new strand of yarn against your work.

Yarn over with the new color of yarn.

Pull the yarn though both loops on your hook.

You can now use the new strand of yarn to continue your work.

To change colors during different crochet stitches, the rule of thumb is to change the color during the last yarn over in the stitch.

Carrying Yarn
Sometimes you will find it useful to “carry” your yarn in your work. This is helpful if you plan to switch your color back to the previous color later. To carry your yarn in your work you change colors using the same method as above. After you change colors, hold the old strand of yarn against the loops of your work.

Now continue crocheting as you normally would with your new color. The old color will be carried in the work since it is being held against the loops you are crocheting in. When you are ready to change colors again the old color will be right there for you to use.